Job Offer! Yay, oh wait, its just a scam… Employment Scam

I have been on the job hunt for a while now. I am registered with some sites that send me job listings based on certain search criteria and I blast out tons of cover letters and resumes.

It has been quiet for sometime, but I have found it takes 30 applications on average before I hear a response. Understandably so as my education does not reflect the jobs I am applying for ( Recording Engineering )… I have much experience, but in this day and age where everyone is represented as 1’s and 0’s, its difficult to come out on top of that huge stack of applicants. I’m a people person…but I digress.

Checking my email from my phone, I see an email from .

Hello Paul Chabot. I have recently contacted you to know whether you are interested in our new position of an Operations Manager for a part-time employment. Please let me know if you are available. Otherwise send us a request to remove you from our database.

Reading it quickly and eager for an interview, I responded. The .ca domain made me think it was a local company and it was relatively normal english.

The following email came from a

Dear Paul Chabot,

First of all we would like to thank you for your attention towards our company.

We are interested in you, so could you please complete an Application Form to move forward with your employment.

For more information about position please read through the Job Description attached or visit our website.

If you do not have certain skills, do not worry. During the trial period, we provide free training.

You will receive all necessary skills during the trial period. All you need to do is strictly follow the instructions.

I will always help you if you have any difficulties or misunderstandings.

I will be waiting for your early reply.

Best Regards,
Manager Laura Amorim

LP Human Resources
Phone: +1 (226) 400-5995

It came along with two attachments and this email is where all the red flags started popping up. I have included links to the files.

Interview: After the registration process, our call center will contact you for an interview. For us it is important that how you to perform their duties at the beginning.

Account for work: We don’t provide a bank account. For this work you need to use your credit card (only 16 digit), if not credit card you need to open a bank account Manulife only for trial period.

Basically a ponzie scheme, pyramid scheme? I started to investigate the company. The website text was plagiarized mostly from a business essay. I found some sites that had very similar texts from a company operating in india. If you call the number, its a message clearly made using some text to speech software.  The number is an Ontario number, yet the company stated on the site its based in Brooklyn.

First thing I did was contact CIRA, who were able to put the domain in an audit queue. They registered as an individual, so they will have to provide proof of Canadian citizenship.

Looking in the email headers it was clear they were using SendGrid for sending out their email. This came to my gmail address and legitimate mail. Contacting them, they responded within the day and without saying more, I was told the account would be under investigation.

With a bit more poking around, I determined their hosting provider was . Filing a ticket with their system, I was contacted a day later, thanking me for the information and saying an investigation is under way.

Throughout my research, I remained in contact with the company. I sent an email asking about non payment of training ( this is illegal in Canada ) which I was responded to with bad english. I proceeded to email back being very interested, however I have no heard from them since.

500 Error

Currently, the website is showing a 500 error. So something might have come about from all this. I doubt I have stopped them completely, but at least their ability to scam people has been slowed down a bit.

Download (contains original email messages, attachments)!BhoEWRaR!GfdrPXzt-MuagGkF8ojnZJCkDmnM2bWC779qFfPtUYA

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