Sails.js – Well that was fun…Moving on..

As nice as sails.js is, I have decided not to develop my app on it.. I ran into some issues I have with the framework (that I wont go into detail, as a more experienced developer may not understand)

I have decided on Meteor, with Angular 2 as the front end.. It seems more robust, stable and a seemingly longer shelf life. Regardless, I am not exactly an expert, and I could probably keep switching frameworks till the cows come home. I like Meteors data on the wire approach which will allow me to implement some ideas that would or may have been a pain to implement otherwise.

Sometimes I wonder why I dont just develop the app in php..

NodeJS, javascript, frameworks yo! Its next gen, 1337 right? /s

Sails JS

I am currently developing a personal project. I chose nodejs for some reason or another (its super hot fire?) However, as I am someone who hates re-inventing the wheel… I wanted to find most of my code written already.

Hackathon Starter quite literally launched me forward in my “app”, but as I thought about the sustainability of the program, updates etc.. I found myself thinking that this would just not be there and I would be left with the hack job I created from the get go..

After some deliberation I settled on SailsJs. This meant starting from almost scratch, but I think in the long run, I will have an application that can stand some kind of “test of time”

I found the documentation on the sails site to be very good, however I couldn’t really find anything that put me in the sails mind set.. (what it does, why it does, etc) Its your typical MVC framework, but the quirks and quarks of the cli commands were not easily explained..

After crawling through all kinds of docs on the web, I found this series to be particularly helpful.

It explains the default behaviours, blueprints etc.. that were not really laid out in many other tutorials…plus this isn’t a video 😉

Also, if you are into Jade, now Pug, I found this blog post helped. Don’t forget to change the view engine in ‘config/views.js’